Kambo FAQs

Can it be detected in a drug test?

Peptides are notoriously difficult to test for. [15] Dermorphin, for instance, which has become an illicit performance enhancer for racehorses, can only be detected by specialist labs. [16] Although Kambo contains opioid receptor agonists, it doesn’t contain any opiates. It is therefore extremely unlikely to be detected in a drug test.

Will it make me crazy?

The unpleasant effects of Kambo can feel endless for those experiencing them. There may also be a feeling of drunkenness or dissociation. For the most part, however, Kambo is not psychoactive.

Are There Risks?

Kambo is relatively safe when properly applied to healthy individuals. However, it is likely unsafe for children, pregnant or breastfeeding women, people with heart problems, and patients either recovering from surgery or taking immuno-suppressants for organ transplant. It should also be avoided by chemo- and radiotherapy patients, including those planning to start treatment within four weeks.

Will it leave scars?

Yes, although Kambo scars fade over time, they won’t disappear completely. Aftercare balms such as Sangre de Drago may help to improve their appearance. Alternatively, the same points can be used within 2 to 3 months of the previous application.

Can I keep the frogs at home?

  1. bicolor can be kept as pets, but they’re not an amphibian for beginners. Captive specimens also don’t appear to secrete the same kind of venom as those in the wild, possibly due to dietary differences.

What is the safest way to take Kambo?

The only safe way to administer Kambo appears to be via skin burns, but the specifics tend to vary between practitioners. In the caboclo Kambo initiation, for instance, the medicine is traditionally applied at the new moon of three consecutive months—each time increasing in dosage. Kambo may also be double- or triple-dosed within a single session.

Can I use Kambo to micro dose?

There’s very little information on micro dosing with Kambo, but some consider it dangerous. Purging (i.e. with large doses) is thought essential for releasing toxins. [13]

Does it produce tolerance?

Frequent users build up a tolerance to Kambo. Some Katukina men take more than 100 points at a time. [17] Anecdotal reports suggest that Sananga can reverse the tolerance effect. [18]

Can I mix it with other drugs?

Kambo is often used in conjunction with Ayahuasca because advance purging helps to optimize absorption. The vasodilating peptides Phyllomedusin and Phyllokinin also serve to increase the permeability of the blood-brain barrier.[19]

Kambo may also be taken with certain psychoactive snuffs, including nu-nu and rapé.

The safety of combining Kambo with other substances is not entirely known, but alcohol should be avoided. It’s also recommended to avoid recreational drugs for at least three days after Kambo has been applied. [20]

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